Monday Motivations

Monday Motivations; January 2nd, 2023

Hello friends and welcome to another refreshed week of writing!

My routine is starting off all out of whack this week thanks to a certain holiday. It would be easy to choose to wait until everything is settled to get back into the swing of things, but it occurred to me that if I want to be successful with my numerous goals for the year, I need to stop accepting easy excuses to get out of doing the work.

So, even though it’s a day off, and I’ve got my kids around me playing the video games I want to be playing, I’m going to make sure I get my stuff done first.

My goal:this week are simple: establish my new habit of writing two pages a day. By the end of the week I want 15 pages.

Also, I can’t forget my reading goal! This week I’ll delving into The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso.

I’m full of that New Year energy and ready to get after it! Until next time, friends, when I hope to tell you I’ve nailed my goals, may your writing be plenty and your struggles be few.

Kerry Share

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