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The lamentations of yet another person struggling to write a novel.

Drabble Rock; February 7, 2023


The annual pilgrimage started in Mohelia and would take Adelaine south through the Principalities, past the plains of Zhazhir, then west to the forest of Fallow, ancestral home of the Yindu. The road would then curve back to the north, skirting the outlands where the barbarian clans of the Earthen roamed. She would continue on to the lands held by Casmir – the mage academies – and would finish, at last, in the occupied territory of Ikteq. 

Shanza often pestered her, why undertake such an arduous journey year after year?

And, always, Adelaine would smile and reply, Why else? I’m a bard.


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Kerry Share’s love for writing started, as it so often does, as a love of reading at an early age. At age 11 she wrote her first short story, a Harry Potter knockoff of dubious quality, and her love for creative expression was born. Throughout her teen years she continued to foster that passion through derivative work, and at 23 she turned her eye to original fiction.

Now in her thirties, having taken a break from creative endeavors to cope with an ever changing life and landscape, she is determined to make her dream of a writing career reality.

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