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The lamentations of yet another person struggling to write a novel.

Monday Motivations; Spite Writing

Hello friends and welcome to another winning week of writing.

Friends, I’m feeling petty today. I got some news last week that shouldn’t bother me, but does. It was a stark reminder that I am not quite at the place in my life that I would like to be. Though there are some circumstances outside of my control contributing to that, a lot is due to my own choices as well. 

But that’s not going to stop looking on this bit of news I got like a personal challenge. That’s right. This week, I am writing out of pure, unadulterated pettiness. 

Now, would it be nice if the net result of this spite turned into a net positive, for my mood, my WIP, or my career? Sure, of course. But that’s not why I’m working hard this week. I’m working hard to prove that I can. That I am capable of fighting through the difficulties I face. That I, too, will achieve my dreams, even if it’s taken me a little longer.

Pettiness doesn’t have to be a negative thing. If you can turn it into fuel for the fire, I say fill up the gas tank. And that’s my motivation this week

Kerry Share

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Kerry Share’s love for writing started, as it so often does, as a love of reading at an early age. At age 11 she wrote her first short story, a Harry Potter knockoff of dubious quality, and her love for creative expression was born. Throughout her teen years she continued to foster that passion through derivative work, and at 23 she turned her eye to original fiction.

Now in her thirties, having taken a break from creative endeavors to cope with an ever changing life and landscape, she is determined to make her dream of a writing career reality.

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