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Fiction Friday; The Last Book That…

Hello friends! For this week’s edition of Fiction Friday I thought I would do a fun little survey about the last books that made me feel all the things. Good things, bad things, enraging things, tearful things. Books I remember, for good or for ill. 

Before I get started, just a quick note: I made these categories up on the spot. Feel free to play along! Off we go!

The Last Book I Read That…

  • Made Me Cry Sniffle

Now, this one was tough, because I’m actually a pretty stoic reader. I don’t cry very often and when I do, it’s usually no more than a bit of watery eyes. The last book that made me cry was Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb, which I read back in 2020. The final (I think?) illustration of Nosy laying on Fitz’s chest got me real good. You know the one.

  • I Passionately Hated, But Still Finished

Normally, I DNF books I don’t enjoy, but for some reason – masochism maybe – I plowed through From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout despite the fact that I hated every page of it. Everything about that book was bad, from the complete lack of agency of the main character right down to the love interest’s stupid name. 0/5 do not recommend.

  • I Still Think About, Way After the Fact

I still think about the line, “There are some paths that must be taken at speed,” from Red Sister by Mark Lawrence at least once a week. As a chronic over-thinker and bearer of often debilitating anxiety, this line was revelatory for me. Whenever I am struggling to take the next step, whenever I am doubting myself, I think back to Nona and her own struggles, and I am just a little bit braver.

  • Was a Major Disappointment

I do not get the hype around A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Mass. I loved the character work she did with Feyre, but the romance was lackluster (and extremely manipulative as it turns out) and the ending was straight trash. I know there’s more to the series but I cannot imagine putting myself through the torture of completing it unless someone paid me. Also Rhysand is highly gross and rapey and I still cannot fathom why he is the next love interest and also so popular??

  • Had Me Pterodactyl Screeching For the Sequel

It’s a cruel irony that I read so many first installments and love so few of them to continue the series, even though it is already published in its entirety, yet when I find one I absolutely adore and want more of, the sequel is not yet out (or even announced?). And that is The Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah. If that sequel had been out I would have binged it immediately.

  • Severely Grossed Me Out

What is with the obsession with raping the main male character of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Seriously, what the fuck? What does that story lose if Jaime isn’t raped? And why does his wife feel like the “cure” to his PTSD is… raping him more???

And finally…

  • I Wish I Could Go Back and Read Again For the First Time

I hate to double up here, but I again have to go with Red Sister by Mark Lawrence. I can honestly say that book made me fall in love with both reading and writing again. Nona’s journey was so special, and dare I say personal, to me that I couldn’t even review the book when I was done with it because it felt like bearing a little bit of my soul for clicks. I love this book so much.

I think it would be fun to do this once a year or every other year or so, as I ramp up my reading… input? Output? Volume? Whatever, as I read more. (Yes, I aspire to be a professional writer, why do you ask?)

What were the last books you read that made you feel all the things? Let me know in the comments! I always take book recs!

Until next time friends!

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