Drabble Rock

Drabble Rock; Week 5


The world around Arcelie rippled, as if a pebble had been dropped into the otherwise still waters of reality. The distortion bounced off the walls of the cramped classroom and reverberated back, finally converging on the spot where she was stood, breathless with anticipation.

At first, nothing happened, despite Mei’s boasts of mind-boggling magic. Arcelie was none too impressed, and turned to tell her teacher so.

But Mei Lin was no longer there. In her place was a tall figure cloaked in a shroud of terrible, undulating cosmic power.

Arcelie opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out.

Drabble Rock

The Ballad of Mercy May; 004


of something dreadful… and it’s drawing steadily closer.

At last summoning her strength, the woman pushes herself upright and takes better stock of her surroundings. The forest around her is dense, but there is plenty of light filtering down through the canopy, casting a warm, mottled glow throughout the grove. She guesses the sun overhead is probably at its zenith, but apart from that paltry clue she has no information. Where she is, and where she should go next, remain as much a mystery as her own identity.

To her left is a smashed tree stump and she uses it


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Drabble Rock; Week 4


The voice in her head was like gravel grating against the fragile walls of her psyche. What started as a tender whisper, like that of a lover’s sweet nothings, had since grown into the hoarse, desperate mutterings of a madman. Night after night it begged, taunted, and cajoled by turns – whatever it deemed necessary to persuade Marceline to follow its siren call.

And night after night, damp with cold sweat and clinging to her bedsheets, she resisted. Yet, Marcie knew, in her heart of weary hearts, that her fortitude would not last forever.

Oh, how she hated to be right.

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Drabble Rock; Week 3


Mhazara has never curtsied in her life, and she’s not about to start. However, with the painfully tight bodice she’d been strapped into, she knows bowing would be nothing short of a disaster. And so, when the prince approaches, she has no choice but to drop to a knee before him.

She can feel the draw of a dozen eyes fall upon her shoulders, can hear the murmurs of surprise, can practically taste the prince’s confusion, even without the aid of her gift, but she brooks no embarrassment.

“Your Highness,” she murmurs, surprising even herself with her deference. “Welcome home.”

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The Ballad of Mercy May; 0002


lays is completely, utterly silent.

Still, the command reverberates off the walls of her soul, through the very core of her being.


But how can she run? She doesn’t even feel capable of standing; every inch of her aches and her head is spinning with acute vertigo. She is vaguely aware she is lying amidst a copse of trees — she can hear the creak of the branches as they sway in the wind, can smell the musk of vegetation all around her.

How did she come to be here? The woman is startled to realize she does not know.


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Drabble Rock; Week 2


“How else can I describe it?” Leema murmured, trailing a finger idly over the heavy, marble-beaded bracelet adorning her wrist. “The Lady’s words are akin to music that only I am privileged enough to hear. They are the melody of my soul. The rhythm of my heart. I can scarce imagine my life deaf to her song.”

Ildon watched her as she spoke, his expression carefully guarded. It was suspicious enough to snap Leema from her daydream-like reverie.

“What?” She demanded, embarrassed.

He tried for a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Nothing,” he said. “It sounds wonderful.”


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The Ballad of Mercy May; 0001

Chapter One

She came to the Pale City alone and penniless,
Bereft of memory, name, and purpose.
She could not know,
As her bloodied feet carried her forward,
That she would leave again just two days hence,
Having permanently altered the course of history.

The Ballad of Mercy May
Third Canto, Second Stanza


It is the first word the woman hears. Though, how she hears it is yet a mystery. She’s not even sure she is truly awake.

A gentle breeze is rustling the leaves of the trees overhead. In the distance, an eagle cries. Otherwise, the grove in which she


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Drabble Rock; Week 1


I could feel the magic inside me swelling rapidly, like a balloon hooked up to one of those industrial helium dispensers. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t intoxicating. Until that very moment I hadn’t understood the true depth of my power.

Then I realized: Maxwell couldn’t stop me.

A crazed laugh burst from my lips, surprising even me, but I was already too far gone to check myself. Magic tingled at my fingertips, ready and eager, begging to be loosed upon the first person that dared trifle with me.

And that was the moment everything went dark.