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The Ballad of Mercy May #0027


the flag flapping in the wind catches her eye. Over the top of the crest is a phrase, perhaps the motto for the city.

May Mercy Ever Find A Home Here

“M-Mercy,” the woman says quickly, aware of the men’s scrutiny.

Mercy, repeats the entity in her head. A fine a name as any. It will do you credit.

“Mercy, aye?” Says the old guard. “Mercy what?”

“May,” says the woman promptly. “Mercy May.”

It says something about the Pale City that neither man seem to take note of the uncanny similarity their guest’s name has to the words sewn


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The Ballad of Mercy May #0026



“Alright, curse you, alright,” the old guard at last relents. “If it’ll keep you from pissing yourself, I’ll find out what she’s called, aye?” He turns back to the woman, who has since struggled to her feet just in case she needs to make a run for it — though where she would go she hasn’t the faintest idea. “What’s your name girl? Nils here needs to hear it, else he won’t be able to sleep tonight. Come on, then, what’s your name?”

She wishes she had one to give. “I — I’m,” she stammers, unsure of what to say. Overhead,


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Drabble Rock; January 24th, 2023


Marceline despised him.

She knew such a hateful emotion was unbecoming of a lady of her stature, and she took care never to give it voice. Her feeling for him was irrelevant anyway. He was Nar’s premiere breeding expert, and all noble families courted his good opinion as if he were the Prince himself.

He came round once a year to comment on the shape of Marceline’s ears, the length of her torso and legs, the youthfulness in her face, all to her mother’s rapturous delight.

Marceline was not complimented. To the contrary, she felt rather like a prized hog.

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The Ballad of Mercy May #0025


description, though she can hardly deny it’s accuracy. She wants to deny that she is there to cause any trouble (leading a pack of darkwolves to their doorstep notwithstanding), but she keeps her silence. The old guard is doing a fine enough job arguing her case, and she doesn’t need to draw any more unwanted attention to herself.

“This girl,” Nils replies, sneering the word disdainfully, “just outran a whole pack of demons. Hardly the waif you’re so desperately making her out to be. We don’t know where she came from, why she’s here… Dammit, we don’t even know her


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The Ballad of Mercy May #0024


man, protests. “She can’t just come in! Captain’s orders, remember! All visitors must be questioned before gaining entry to the city. Or have you forgotten the —“

The old guard spits on the ground. “I haven’t forgotten, lad. We’ve been questioning.”

“You asked for her name,” Nils replies, frowning. “Which she didn’t give. That’s hardly the interrogation Captain Denrik wants.”

“Oh pooh,” says the elder. “This girl’s wearin’ naught but her slip and has the look like a stiff breeze could carry her off. She’s not about to cause any trouble like Denrik expects, aye?”

The woman flushes at such a


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Drabble Rock; January 17, 2023


The crowd gathering in the courtyard was among the largest Ysala had ever seen in all her time at Casmir. Unfortunately, the woman’s very public breakdown happened during a break in classes, and hundreds of students and faculty alike were drawn by her screams of outrage to the scene of the… disagreement.

Ysala was very near to the center of the action, and she watched with increasing gut-wrenching pity as Arden Fay’s now former assistant screamed and cried for a second chance. Yet, even as she sympathized with the poor woman, she knew that the loss was her own gain.

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The Ballad of Mercy May #0023


unneeded weight upon the woman’s already troubled mind.

The City of Angels, it was once called, the voice continues, heedless of it’s host’s turmoil. The site of the gods’ earthly homes. But no longer. No longer. You are come at a most desperate time, stranger.

“Is it… safe?” The woman asks presently, lifting her voice to drown out the one inside her head.

“Oh, aye,” the older guard answers easily. “Never you fret, girl, them darkwolves won’t make it past us, no matter how hard they try. Now, why don’t you totter on inside and —“

“Hold on!” Nils, the younger


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Drabble Rock; January 10, 2023


At highsun the convoy stopped for a midday meal. The conscripted were given bowls of wet, flavorless rice and some yak’s milk in cups barely large enough for two swallows. Yvenna had a hard time imagining that her sister would have subjected herself to this kind of treatment willingly, even if it meant a permanent escape from what she had once termed “the tyranny of destiny.”

As Yvenna poked at her meager meal, she took time to carefully observe the caravan’s leaders. They supped on dried meats, cheese, and bread, and smirked at all those who stared with hateful envy.

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Drabble Rock; January 3, 2023


“Does it bother you that they treat you as nothing more than a substitute?” Chelle asked apropos of nothing as they walked, the gravel crunching persistently underfoot. She didn’t need to clarify who “they” were.

Once, Jolie would have bristled at the question, because once, yes, it did bother her. It bothered her that she was the eldest, yet was tossed callously aside the moment Marceline turned nine and it became clear that the only thing their mother and father cared about was advancing the bloodline.

They certainly weren’t interested in being parents. Which was why Jolie was the substitute.

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Drabble Rock; Week 16


“You think me eager to place my stamp upon history’s letter?” Leema asked, offended – and stung that he could so misjudge her. “You imagine my primary concern is how I will be perceived? You believe death of my countrymen, the misery of those in the border towns who bear the brunt of your patron’s warmongering – the near mortal maiming of my own mother – to be of less consequence to me than something so vain as… as… glory?

Ildon said nothing, because there was nothing he could say. There was no justification to make, no excuses to utter. He was wrong.