Drabble Rock

Drabble Rock; Week 3


Mhazara has never curtsied in her life, and she’s not about to start. However, with the painfully tight bodice she’d been strapped into, she knows bowing would be nothing short of a disaster. And so, when the prince approaches, she has no choice but to drop to a knee before him.

She can feel the draw of a dozen eyes fall upon her shoulders, can hear the murmurs of surprise, can practically taste the prince’s confusion, even without the aid of her gift, but she brooks no embarrassment.

“Your Highness,” she murmurs, surprising even herself with her deference. “Welcome home.”

Drabble Rock

Drabble Rock; Week 2


“How else can I describe it?” Leema murmured, trailing a finger idly over the heavy, marble-beaded bracelet adorning her wrist. “The Lady’s words are akin to music that only I am privileged enough to hear. They are the melody of my soul. The rhythm of my heart. I can scarce imagine my life deaf to her song.”

Ildon watched her as she spoke, his expression carefully guarded. It was suspicious enough to snap Leema from her daydream-like reverie.

“What?” She demanded, embarrassed.

He tried for a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Nothing,” he said. “It sounds wonderful.”