Short But Sweet #004

This week’s prompt: Damnation, such obsessed faith and flawed education!

Damnation, such obsessed faith and flawed education! What did that woman do to my little girl?

Jovian seethes as he watches Penny prostrate herself before a seventh, seventh, altar. He’d been led to believe that prayers for a good harvest would only need to be made at one such shrine, but evidently his daughter decided to combine the task with her daily devotions to the gods. He knows what she is about. She thinks that perhaps if he actually sees her religion in practice that he might change his mind about it. She’s wrong. It only serves to entrench his hatred further.

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Short But Sweet #003

This week’s prompt: And now the star is dreaming.

And now the star is dreaming. The last vestiges of sunlight have faded beyond the horizon, leaving a sky of black velvet dotted with diamond-like stars overhead. Beneath is a bed of springy, sweet-smelling grass, and all around is the nightly chorus of crickets and toads and the occasional owl.

On the right, just inside Elyse’s peripheral vision is the Pillar — jutting garishly out of the ground, blotting out the stars where it stands. Elyse doesn’t like it, never has. Despite it’s prominence in the valley writ large, to say nothing of the village that encircles it’s base, it has always put her ill at ease. She cannot help but feel it is… watching her, like a great stone sentinel, unmoving, unceasing, unnerving.

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Short But Sweet #002

This week’s prompt: The clever man will be laughing all day.

The clever man will be laughing all day.

Hal hates him, whoever he is. He knew it from the moment he laid eyes on his smug, begging-to-be-punched face. There’s just something about him. Something in the way he’s almost hard to look directly at, like he’s always standing in front of the sun. It’s something like a shroud around him, something no one else seems to see. Something that glitters like dust floating through a beam of light in an otherwise darkened room, only a thousand times brighter. Something that follows him everywhere, cleaving to everything he touches.

It’s the same sort of something that lingers in the ruins of what used to be Hal’s home; on the wrecked furniture, shattered glass, the flattened houses of his neighbors, and in the crater that was the epicenter of the explosion that leveled half the village.

The stranger has something to do with that disaster, and every other horrible event the village has suffered since, Hal is certain of it. He just has to prove it


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