Monday Motivations

Monday Motivations; Ace of Swords

Hello friends and welcome to another whirlwind week of writing.

Friends, I come to you today from the inside of a blender. Some mysterious fever-causing illness has once again crept into my household, on the very week my elder two children have a veritable smorgasbord of school/extra curricular activities, and, oh yeah, my son’s birthday is Friday.

Needless to say, staying on top of my writing obligations is going to take some heroic concentration. If writing was my full time job, I might would choose this week to relax my wordload (get it?), but alas I do not have that option. There are no sick days or time off requests. There are no coworkers I can lean on to help me out during this kind of pinch.

Yet to say my writing goals are impossible to meet this week would not be accurate. I can still blog, get my words done, and meet my other obligations. There is simply less room for error at the moment.

That means keeping my eyes on the road. Staying focused. Not letting additional distractions delay my progress any further.

Heroic concentration. That’s my motivation this week.

Kerry Share

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